Inspection, Evaluation and Assessment of Wood and Wood-based Products

Wood Science Consulting offers professional services for a wide range of clients such as engineers, architects, contractors, law firms, insurance companies, home owners, condominium and town house associations, government agencies, manufacturers and retailers of products, parks and recreation, historical societies and many more. For example some of the more common services include, but are not limited too, the determination of design values and load capacity for lumber, timbers, pilings, and glulam beams. Typical analyses include wood species identification, assessment of wood decay and wood destroying organisms, and mechanical testing. Please feel free to contact Wood Science Consulting for more information about inspection, evaluation and assessment services. Provided below are several examples of the types of inspections and evaluations that are performed by Wood Science Consulting:

Marine piling inspection and evaluation

Marine piling inspection and evaluation

Visual grading and condition assessment

Visual grading and condition assessment

Residential inspection of cedar shingles and exterior trim

Residential inspection of cedar shingles and exterior trim

  • Visual grading and assessment

  • Wood decay (i.e. "soft rot", "dry rot", strength loss)

  • Wood species identification

  • Marine and fresh water pilings

  • Foundations pilings

  • Forensic evaluations

  • Failure of products

  • Premature failure of products

  • Building envelopes and moisture intrusion

  • Assessment of historical structures

  • Assessment of wood preservatives

  • Covered bridges

  • Chemical degradation

  • Fastener corrosion

  • Mold and mildew growth

  • Cedar shakes and shingles

  • Structural composite lumber

  • Oriented stand board (OSB)

  • Plywood, and container plywood

  • Metal plate connected trusses

  • Bowstring trusses

  • Solid wood flooring

  • Engineered wood flooring

  • Bamboo flooring and products

  • Interior millwork and trim

  • Exterior trim and siding

  • Decking and railings

  • Paint and coating issues

  • Abnormal checking and splitting

  • Challenge courses

  • Wood windows and doors

  • Scaffold planks

  • Utility poles

  • Marine pilings

  • LVL, PSL, and OSL

  • Wood plastic composites (WPC)

  • Furniture

  • Ladders

  • Tree failures