Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Wood Science Consulting offers expert witness services and litigation support based on over two decades of experience in consulting, structural inspections and assessments, forensic investigations, testing (destructive and nondestructive), microscopy, applied research and professional work with technical associations related to wood and wood-based materials. For every case Matt brings an excellent industry reputation, professional integrity and high ethical standards. Matt has been involved with several legal cases, class action lawsuits, and insurance claim covering a broad range of issues associated with wood and wood-based materials. Please feel free to contact Wood Science Consulting for Matt's curriculum vitae, list of trials and depositions, and rates.

Below are exemplar legal issues that he has been involved with over the past 20 years:  

  • Wood pilings; marine and geotechnical

  • Utility pole failures

  • Water soaked and flooding conditions

  • Assessment of wood decay, such as "dry rot", wood rot or rotted wood

  • Structural assessment and strength loss

  • Issues with wood preservatives and treatments

  • Wood floor issues

  • Building envelope and moisture intrusion

  • Decay rates

  • Wood decks and balconies

  • Assessment of mold growth

  • Construction delay issues

  • Exterior trim and molding

  • Scaffold plank failures

  • Deterioration of composite siding

  • Faulty home inspections

  • Evaluation of fire retardant treated plywood

  • Moisture intrusion and building envelope performance

  • Structural composite lumber moisture exposure issues

  • Finish and coating failures

  • Truss and roof collapses

  • Ladder failures